Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New changes...

Today I was visiting members randomly, but when I came across Fakeshake3 I saw a new sign along the top. So I decided to click on it as It looked pretty familiar. After clicking on the button I came across this:
A medoll editor for Fakeshake3. I was a bit confused when I saw this but after I realised you could customize and experiment with other medolls. As I discovered this I decided to have some fun and make some new changes to Fakeshake3.
Here is one of the developments:

Saturday, 25 April 2009

My Legendary Perez Is Back!

The legendary Miss.Perez is back! I visited her today and her account is back to normal. Everyone has been complaining that Stardoll was rubbish without Perez. These are some of the comments people wrote:


Welcome back!
I miss all the drama, too xD

AnonymousBiatch said...

Huh? THIS made your day? Wow, for someone who actualy `has` a life you sure are lame....

And it`s good to finally get a real blogger back...
This blog sucked after you left, your amazing friends ruined it...
Only posts that I read are the ones written by Dan.
And Its not bad that Kasia left...

TheFemaleDog said...
It's about damn time! I miss all of the drama, now they're simply petty little fights.

Wow looks like everyone missed Perez and now they are happy she is back. One person that was very shocked was Mario (Dodence_Bt) he was ecstatic about her Return. If you want to view her lovely post then click here.

My Banner

I'm bored of not having any banner to show that I'm the one posting instead of other co-bloggers, So i decided to make one for myself.
What do you think? As my photoshop has broken down, I had to make this on paint and It took me ages to make this banner. The graphics was made by my friend who is a computer genius. Hopefully my photoshop will be fixed soon So I can carry on making my own graphics and banners for others.

Friday, 24 April 2009

New New New..

There is a new Graphic designer in Town that is very talented and got my vote to be featured right here. His Stardoll account is called Graphic-Design and he deserves to be visited. Below is an image of his medoll, which I took from his blog.
Recently when I visited His blog, He decided to make a Magazine called Belle. Belle was released recently and I have taken some pages to show you what his work looks like. As you can see the Covergirl is Kasia (Undamyumbrella) and her photoshoots look amazing. The work that must've gone into this must've tired this, because from this I can tell he is very talented.

After reading the magazine my favourite pages has to be the front cover, It reminds me of Fantasy magic and summer. Whereas my favourite collumn has to be 'Chained Up'. The collumn explains the easiest ways of how to get scammed on stardoll and how you can also ignore them. I also love the wording 'Glamazon'.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Don't get me wrong. Fashion itself is nothing I wish scrutinize. What I'm interested in here is the psychology of fashion, similar to how archaeologists and anthropologists may study the adornments of a civilization to better understand its people and their history.

It is my conclusion that kitsch, irony, and anything like that is officially out of style today and forever for any person in any given occasion. Some, like hipsters, operate on the idea that something can be so awful that it's cool, so ugly it's beautiful, widely evidenced by the self-congratulatory application of bad mustaches and sideburns and ill-matched gaudy colors, and/or the exoticized appropriation of an-other's culture -- for instance, Gwen Stefani. Make no mistake. She's hot enough that I'd throw back a shot of sweat wrung from her post-concert wife beater... but really, come on, the Japanese pop Asia-philia is bad enough but anyone remember when she was a Mod Hindi Chola? Eh, what?

Threads and the ironic getup: A fashion don't.

After their long absence, sincerity and a refreshing sense of vulnerability are making a strong comeback just in time for the second decade of this new millennium. In this awakening, butt is butt, and fly is fly. So if you catch me wearing some crap t-shirt, you can take comfort in the fact that I am not pulling your leg, not visually assaulting you with my sarcasm, nor projecting the lofty hip-speak of some ultimately insignificant subculture. I will be dressed as such because I actually like the design, even at the risk of a wardrobe no-no.

The question "What were you thinking when you put that on?" will bear new importance in this fast approaching era of virtue and frankness. This will be a period of time devoid of all popular forms of irony, a movement that will permeate multiple levels of society. Look for example at the condescending smirk of W, the kind of facial tic that says "Duh, I don't know how to answer your question but maybe I can grin my way out of this corner." As a human race, we're way over it.

Politics and the ironic smile: A fashion don't.

Next, electing pop icons into office, compulsive smoking, binge drinking, drunk driving, McDonald's, cocaine, gangsta-frontin', starving artistry, paying outrageous credit card interest, shoes that hurt, good sex in bad relationships, the Jerry Springer show...

Guilty pleasures and the ironic 'why not?': Another big fat fashion don't.Get it? Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Sincerity in. Irony out. Let's review.

May hotbuys

The amazing new hotbuys have been released! In my opinion every piece of garment is highly beautiful and ultra-chique, But my favourites has to be The grey dress w/ ruffles, The blue bag, The swimsuit and The bow.
The hotbuys black jacket on the model looks familiar to the Avril lavigne jacket which was also a hotbuy and was released last year. Recently stardoll released their LE which was familiar to some old dresses and they also released A Pink t-shit which was a replica of the old hotbuys tee. Is stardoll losing money or just running out of ideas?
You decide?

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Macys Flower Show

Eloise Corr Danch's beautiful paper flower sculptures are currently gracing the windows of Macy's in NYC at Herald Square. The display includes elaborate floral "hats" and garlands of thousands of paper flowers. They are magical!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

LE Released!

Amazing, but yet again expensive. The new LE garments have been releases and ARE better than all the old releases, but the pricing is expensive as ever.
Hurry and buy, before they run out or you'll regret.