Friday, 24 April 2009

New New New..

There is a new Graphic designer in Town that is very talented and got my vote to be featured right here. His Stardoll account is called Graphic-Design and he deserves to be visited. Below is an image of his medoll, which I took from his blog.
Recently when I visited His blog, He decided to make a Magazine called Belle. Belle was released recently and I have taken some pages to show you what his work looks like. As you can see the Covergirl is Kasia (Undamyumbrella) and her photoshoots look amazing. The work that must've gone into this must've tired this, because from this I can tell he is very talented.

After reading the magazine my favourite pages has to be the front cover, It reminds me of Fantasy magic and summer. Whereas my favourite collumn has to be 'Chained Up'. The collumn explains the easiest ways of how to get scammed on stardoll and how you can also ignore them. I also love the wording 'Glamazon'.

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