Saturday, 14 March 2009

21 Ideas

3. Staying Powder
If you want to achieve a lasting blush then use powder.
4. Flawless Canvas
Adding foundation using a brush qill give your skin and airbrushed effect.
5. Pucker up
For a modern pout, then blot your lips with tissues.
6.Mixing pot
Use old nail polish's to create new ones by mixing them together into a empty pot.
7. High shine
When appyling nail polish use a topcoat to intensify the colours.
8. Chiselled Cheeks
For sky-high cheekbones, use a powder two shades darker than your skin to blend.
9. Magic Wand
Different types of brushes give lashed different effects.
10. Way to glow
For glowy skin after applying make-up, sprinkle your face with water and the blot gently.
11. Dot to Dot
If you dot under your lower lashes with a brown pencil, it will give the effect of big eyes.
13. Crimpers are cool
Crimping the under-section of your hair will add volume without looking crimped.
14. Frizz Zapper
Use any frizz zappers by spritzing them onto the roots for a lasting finish.
15. Perfect Pony
To achieve the perfect ponytail, finish by spritzing gloss spray.
16. Skin Cream
Many celebrities use skin cream such as Jourdan Dunn, this helps their skin by making it feel softer.
17. Must-have mascara
Many models are afraid to say they wear mascara but many use them, for fake falsh lash effect.
18. Eye-makeup remover
Using removers after using make-up will make your skin look more natural.
19. Mousturiser
It soothes your skin, even if your senstive after a hectic day.
20. Favourite lipgloss
Lip plumping lip gloss give your lips a boost and make them look fuller.

Britneys Back

Love me, hate me say what you want about me.

Britney's back, much more stylish than ever with all her new outfits. She impresses many of her fans with her amazing outfits. As soon as she started from the New Orleans Arena, her audience knew that it would be a night to remember. She had 25 costume changes throught-out the day and she did an excellent job. Fans thought the show was amazing. The singers 180-head entourage, which included 16 dancers, five trapeze artists, 12 professional circus performers and a swarm of stylists and make-up artists. She was critisesed for lip-synching through-out her 20 songs, but with outfits like these, who cares? The UK dates are all sold out - Sorry Uk! but hopefully there will be much more next time.

What do you think of her outfits? You can view them below and tell us what you think.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Glamorous Godess

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Inspiration: Betsey Johnson

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The Start Of The Beginning...

There are many fashion legends and icons that we admire today. They have left many history behind with interesting stories behind their success and style. On stardoll there are many icons such as noelle_page this blog is a dedication to all these beautiful inspirational people on stardoll and celebrities icons we look upto.