Friday, 5 June 2009

I spoil you lot too much...

Guess what guys, I'm sorry but I had to do it, I had TO do it...I had to give you some NEW SPOILERS! Yes I spoil you guys too much with new spoilers every single day. Zzzz.. Yes it can get Kind of bo-ring..
But anyways Going on to new Spoilers, For ALL Jb fans, THERES A NEW T-SHIRT OUT! Scream with delight, or Just don't give a Damn!.

I love the Jonas brothers and I so love this T-shirt. Its simple, funky, cute and I'm sure NO Jb fans will be dissapointed.

Yes, I spoil you too rotten..NEW DRESSES! Stardoll are improving everything, the shops, clubs and now they're getting new dresses. Too be honest they're even better than I thought, They are so sophisticated and I am totally purchasing each-and-every one of them. :) Tell me your opinion below.

P.S I'm getting a new writer for the blog called Missfoxy_pink (Temporary Writer) I will alos be getting Guest bloggers.

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