Friday, 29 May 2009


Hey, I'm back this time with some NEW spoilers and they are off-the-hook. They are all so cute and I love them.
1. The pink bag
So feminine and cute. I love this bag already.
2. The skirt
It looks so funky. I love the use of colour the green just reminds me of the 'GO GREEN' Theme.

2nd Spoilers:
1. Green dress
I love the shape and the little detailing on the dress
2. Sea Dress
As you know Blue is my favourite colour and I already am in love with this dress
3. Green Eyelashes
So daring, I love the swirls
4. Pearl Necklace
Its not really my thing, but It goes with the first green dress

What do you think?
P.S I think there will be a new mermaid theme going on.

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