Wednesday, 13 May 2009

DIY is released!

Hey, everyone sorry for the long wait I was pretty busy caught up with school. Anyways to the good news if you haven't already noticed, there is a new shop in Starplaza called DIY boutique. There are many items to choose from such as two different halves of a dress to make a completely, stylish new dress. The clothes are absolutely A-mazing! and can be used in different ways. I also researched some members wearing the new items.
74medoll's dress:

I love the way the dresses are layered. The pink tights just add that extra 'Oooh' feeling. I love the mix of all the colours and the layered belt and stud add even more to it.

Emma63443's dress:

Amazing layout, dress just fabulous. It looks like something you would wear to a red carpet event. The clutch looks perfect with the whole outfit.

Untitled_Me's dress:

I love the way the orange was used with all the ruffles to make a completely different dress. To be honest this is my favourite dress as its the most original and unique dress I've seen so far someone has created.

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